ciuis crm updates and changelog

SuiseCRM Changelog V1.3

OTA Release V1.3 (29/07/20)

New Features:

  1. Introduced application maintenance feature where super admin can active/inactive the application.
  2. Introduced custom script for header and footer with css that super admin have access.
  3. Introduced drag and drop file uploader feature.

Bug fixes & Improvements:

  1. Improvement in showing validation message.
  2. Fixed the application customization image issue.
  3. Fixed the lead view issue that occur when update the leads.
  4. Fixed the customization language selection issue.
  5. Fixed the lead drag & drop issue for kanban view.
  6. Improvement in sidebar bar.(i.e Now, Separate menu for payment gateway).
  7. Improvement in trial package (i.e Now, Trial package have all permission).
  8. Improvement in staff creation (i.e Now select a country and state at a time of staff creation).
  9. Introduce Footer area (i.e Option for change language, layout options and OTA update.)
  10. Introduce mail templates in super admin area.
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