SuiseCRM – Beta Program


SuiseCRM Beta Program, A reduced price for early backers to Run your very own SaaS platform with all the features of our existing CiuisCRM app.

We will issue licenses during the launch and early backers will be able to help test and remove bugs during the beta testing.

Availability: 15 in stock

SuiseCRM, is a multi-company client with all the features of our existing CiuisCRM app. #1 Management Platform to run your SaaS platform to manage Multiple Companies or Offer it to your customers Its a selfhosted PHP/AngularJS Script which you have to run it on your own servers. 

We have been developing SuiseCRM for the last 1 yr and i think we are ready to get some feedback and reports from real users like you. Below are details of this deal and Beta Promotion

  1. We would be requiring 3-5 months of testing and feedback. Pls note, if you are not able to give feedback and report bugs during this time, this deal is not for you, pls do consider buying at the later stage when we are out of Beta.
  2. After 6 months, when we launch .. your license will be replaced with full license.
  3. you can avail free hosting for 1 yr, which comes with beta program.. pls note support will be limited.
  4. We will have a Beta changelog and Beta email function report updates and changes.
  5. All feedback and bugs reports will be done via the integrated script we have emebed inside of the program.
  6. New feature request will be prioritzed but focus is on bugs fixes and design improvments.
  7.  Documentation is partially completed and can be referenced here

Thank you for your attention and help.


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