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New Seperate Client Registration

1- Allowing clients to register 1st, and have their own client section, with a vendor button, where they can select various vendors from the system, and then they can see what current client section shows. this will allow for one client to have multiple interactions with different vendors without needing multiple logins for the same Saas system
2- from user side, when adding a client, you add them via email address only, and if they appear in the list, then you just “granting them access”

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1 thought on “New Seperate Client Registration”

  1. Actually, gave this much more thought, and the faster, easier method, is to combine the client and vendor section.
    when i purchase something from someone they become a vendor, and i am their client. so if all the client section is absorbed into the vendor section, it makes sense.
    and you wont need a separate client area.

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