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3.1.How to manage Customer Mater Data? #

Master Customer management using CiuisCRM.

Create Customer:

1. Customers can be found under Sales in the main menu.


2. All existing customers and their transaction details are listed here.

3. To add a new customer record, click on the icon(2).

4. Enter the customer details.

For Company:

    • By default the toggle button is set to “Company”


For Individual:

    • To add an Individual customer, toggle the button toward “Individual”.



5. Click on “Create”.


6. You can also search(3) and access other options(1) using the above options for the customers’ page.


Create Customer Contact:

Customer Contact is used to store details of the Customer’s employees. Selecting the Primary Contact while creating contact, creates an account for the contact using which they can log in using the Client/Customer area.

1. Click on the customer you want to create the contact for.

2. Click on the create contact(4) button.

3. Enter the details of the customer contact.

For Admin Contact:

    • To give the contact the admin privileges to the customer account, choose this option.



For Normal Contact:

    • If the contact is a regular employee, choose this option.
    • This is the default option.

4. Check the “Primary Contact” checkbox if you want to create an account for the contact.

5. An auto-generated password is displayed. Change the password if you want to use a different password.

6. Click on “Save” to create the contact.

Customer Page Details:

1. Summary: This tab displays all the transactions made by the customer.

2. Invoices: This tab displays all the invoices pertaining to the customer.

3. Proposals: This tab displays all the proposals sent to the customer.

4. Tickets: This tab displays all the tickets pertaining to the customer.

5. Notes: This tab displays all the notes created by the staff. Notes are internal and are not shown to the customer.

6. Reminders: This tab displays all the reminders set regarding this customer.

7. Customer Activities: This tab displays all the customer activities.


8. Projects: This tab displays all the projects pertaining to this customer.

Last updated on June 27, 2019
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