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4.6.How to manage a project? #

1. Projects can be found under Track in the main menu.

2. All the existing projects are listed here.

3. To create a new project, click on the create icon. Enter the details and click on create.

    • To create a project template, toggle the template toggle button.

Manage Columns:

1. By default, all the columns for the table are displayed. To manage the columns to be displayed, click on the “Filter Column” icon in the list view.

2. The list of columns will be displayed. Check the columns you want to be displayed. This option will be saved.


Edit Project:

1. Click on the project you want to edit.

2. To update the project, click on 3 vertical dots that are on the right side of the page

3. Once you click update, you can update the information and click ‘Update’

Add Milestone:

  1. You can add a milestone to your project as follows:


2. After you click on Add Milestone, the system will ask you to enter all the details. Once the details are entered, click ‘Add’

3.You will be able to view it under the ‘Milestones’ section under Project details

Add Task:

1. You can add a task by clicking the add task option.

2. Enter the details and click on add.

  • You can create a task as public or private, billable or non-billable, visible or not using the toggle bars above the ‘Add’ button as shown in the following screenshot.

3. You can check the details of the task in the mentioned milestone and/or ‘Tasks’ subsection in the project details page

Convert to Invoice:

1. You can convert a project into an Invoice as follows:

2. Once you hit ‘convert invoice’, the system will take you to the page where you can input all the details. Simply follow the ‘Create Invoice’ steps to create an Invoice.


Add Expenses:

1.You can also add a ‘New Expense’ to your project to track any new expense that comes up in the project while fulfilling your customer’s needs.

2. Once you hit  ‘New Expense’,  you can fill in all the details and click on ‘Add’


Mark Project:

1. You can ‘Mark’ a project as Not Started, Started, Percentage, Cancelled, Complete as shown below:

2. Finally, you can delete a project using the delete option above.

Last updated on October 14, 2019
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