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4.2.3.How to create a deposit? #

Deposits can be used to keep track of all the payments received by the business like a deposit made by a customer. Invoice payment is automatically displayed in the deposit area under the category internal.

Manage Deposits:

1. Deposits can be found under Finances in the main menu.

2. All the existing deposits are listed here.


Create Deposit Category:

1. Click on the Create Deposit(1) icon.

2. Enter the Category name and click on add.

3. The category is now added to the list.

4. Click on  to edit category name.

5. Click on  to delete a category.


Create a Deposit:

1. To create a deposit, click on the create deposit(2) icon.

2. Enter the details and click on save.

3.   You can mail(5), create PDF(6) the deposit by choosing the options shown.

4.  To edit or delete the deposit, click on the more icon and choose the appropriate option.

5. While Creating an Invoice, you can make it Internal and also change Recurring using the toggle bar as shown:

    • Internal deposits can be used when an employee/staff deposits money into the business account.


Last updated on July 2, 2019
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