ciuis crm updates and changelog

CiuisCRM Changelog 1.94

OTA Release V1.94 (27/08/19)

New Features:

  1. Added kanban view (Drag and Drop) for leads.
  2. Added amount format settings with currency position.
    (For now, this will affect the PDF’s and share pages only (Applied only on default PDF’s).
    To get the changes in your PDF’s, restore your pdf’s to default using editor.)
  3. Now all logs can be seen by expanding the panel logs.
  4. Added new email template for appointments.
  5. Added Bulgarian Language.
  6. Item description’s can be added with line breaks.
  7. Introduced Modules tab in settings (Some additional app enhancements will be added as modules).

Bug fixes & Improvements:

  1. Fixed Roles issue (Now, only admin role users can create, delete the users).
  2. Fixed data loading issues in customer area.
  3. Fixed login issue for duplicate users found in database.
  4. Added logs for each create, delete, update actions.
  5. Fixed staff’s grid view pagination issue.
  6. Improved todo create button.
  7. Fixed language encoding issue for % strings.
  8. Fixed database table size errors, caused in some customer servers.
  9. Fixed accept button in proposals view after customer’s action (Customer area).
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Nathan Hawkes

Hi, I recently got this from CodeCanyon as part of the December giveaway. I noticed that there is MFA capabilities in Ciuis (as well as many other features that have made me go about moving from my old system to Ciuis). However, when I enable it and save the settings, it disabled when I refresh the page. Is this a bug in the system or has MFA not been enabled fully yet?

Bonani Phaweni

Hi, this is linked to the SAAS, small quick fixes required. front site:Landing page 1 – customization to change logo from Ciuis to our own CRM – in admin site 2 – customization to change picture/logo of Ciuis on computer screen example – in admin site Client Site: 1 – Top left – logo/title to be linked to admin/settings/customization so that changes in CRM Title reflect here 2 – Bottom Left – packages button – This is missing, to allow the user to view current package and upgrade to better features without having to wait for either trial period to… Read more »

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