ciuis crm updates and changelog

CiuisCRM Changelog 1.93

OTA Release V1.93(16/08/19)

New Features:

  • Added option to auto create contact on customer create..
  • Projects can now be viewed in both list and grid view.
  • Project list view column can be filtered (only the selected columns will be displayed).
  • Added Roles function to give more detailed control over staff privileges.
    (Roles Documentation)

    This Roles feature will affact the all users privileges.
    (Admin users will get all privileges by default from this update).
    Review your users privileges after this update.

Bug fixes & Improvements:

  • Accounts total issue fixed.
  • Fixed Projects status graph issue.
  • Staff, Customers, Leads and Vendors cannot be deleted if they are linked somewhere else.
  • Improved Payment gateways.
  • Rearranged Left and Top Menu.
  • Fixed Date time format for Menu Task Timer.
  • Improved User Profile side toggle.
  • Improved Error Notifications.
  • Only Admin can change Calendar colors.
  • Fixed language encoding issue.
  • Improved Custom Fields and Backup Restore listing.
  • Fixed language not found issue.
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