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4.7.How to manage a task? #

View Tasks:

1. Tasks can be viewed in 2 different views. Kanban view and list view.

2. Click on the “Kanban” view icon to view in kanban style.

4. You can drag and drop the tasks to change its priority in kanban view.

3. Click on the “List” view icon to view in list style.


Manage Columns:

1. By default, all the columns for the table are displayed. To manage the columns to be displayed, click on the “Filter Column” icon in the list view.

2. The list of columns will be displayed. Check the columns you want to be displayed. This option will be saved.

Manage Tasks:

1. Tasks can be found under Track in the main menu.

2. You can also manage tasks in the projects.

3. Select the project you want to update.

4. Go to the task tab to view all existing tasks. Click on the update icon corresponding to the task you want to update.

5. Click on the icon. Select “Mark as completed” option.

6. You can find that the percentage completed bar is updated.


Update Task:

1. Navigate to the task that has to be updated. Click on the icon. And click on Update.

2. In the Sidebar that appears, Change the task details and click on Update.


Add Sub Task:

1. Navigate to the task where the new subtask has to be added. Click on the area shown and type in the name of the subtask.

2. Sub-task can be marked as completed or deleted as shown.


Last updated on October 14, 2019
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